For years, I’ve been taking part in competitive races and then poring over the results data privately at home.

During 2016, I entered my first obstacle course race and caught the bug. Soon after, I decided to make some of the findings public. Now, Run Cruncher is the meeting point between a slightly geeky profession and my side hobby.

Race analysis

From Garmin GPS data & race results sites via web scrapers and APIs. I pull data in then push it all through R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, to analyse and visualise trends.

Run Cruncher aims to drill into result data and race analysis to expose the occasional insight about races I take part in.

Production toolkit

Producing the analysis, insights and visualisations requires the input of multiple different softwares and packages.

  • R – the software environment for statistical analysis and visualisations.
  • R Studio – the user interface and coding application for the R base language.
  • Selenium – browser automation software, useful for web scraping where APIs don’t exist.
  • Docker – mind-bending virtual environment deployment software. I do not understand or enjoy using Docker, but it’s a required part of the Selenium workflow for automating interaction with rendered web pages.
  • Imagemagick – command line tool I use for programmatically manipulating and finessing the visualisations produced by R. Also has a nice R package to build into functions.
  • Python – the multi-application software environment, I use it for API querying where R lacks a decent package
  • Excel – the omnipresent MS Office spreadsheet software, I now use it as a shortcut to cleaning messy data. Early blog articles were produced entirely in Excel.


Away from this website, I am also co-founder of Dalmore Digital, a company delivering specialist digital marketing services to sports & outdoor businesses.

Dalmore Digital – Digital marketing services for local organisations


If you like what you see, drop me an email. I love hearing about new events, especially when they’re collecting some interesting data!


Run Cruncher is where my favourite training sessions, runs and races meet the nerdier side of data and performance analysis.

Email me: jamie@raceanalysis.co.uk


Thanks to all the race organisers for putting on the events, and to the timing companies who make this obsession possible.