Breaking the Beast at Loch Ness

Beast Race Loch Ness 2017

Having recently taken an extended training break on account of recent busyness laziness, I was really looking forward to getting back into running and taking on a race for fun. No hard push, no goal placement. Just take it easy and enjoy it. The Prime Four Beast Race at Loch Ness was the perfect

Get Filthy: Dirty Weekend 2017 analysis

20 miles. 200 obstacles. Analysing Rat Race's Dirty Weekend, the world's biggest obstacle course race. Taking place around the Burghley House estate in Stamford, Dirty Weekend is built on a vast scale, and the obstacles are absolutely epic in size and imagination. Giant washing machines, enormous haybail stacks, massive water jumps, four-story

MacTuff 2017 performance analysis

MacTuff analysis: running uphill

MacTuff is a monster. A friend transferred me her ticket just a few days before the event, and I went into it with the expectation that it would be a bog-standard obstacle race with featureless running sections and over hyped obstacles. I hugely underestimated it. I’m writing this days after the

Trailtroopers’ Zombie Race analysis

A Halloween themed race which lived up to it's devilish billing. The latest course from Trailtroopers promised beastly burn running, tortured tunnels, and cursed climbs - a promise delivered, and then some. Haunted course Dense fog and brutal hills conspired to create one of the toughest trails on the OCR calendar. The 6.66 kilometre course