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Total Warrior Edinburgh 2017: Warrior Fit

Total Warrior was where this website all began, however, this year’s return had caught me off guard. The race snuck up on me during a time where my training had been pretty lazy to say the least. Total Warrior is a hard push, with some of the thickest mud I’ve yet to come across and terrain which fatigues legs like running on sand. On the way to the race I felt massively under-prepared – possibly worsened after four beers at a friend’s leaving do the night before.

This year we’d returned with our biggest team outing yet. Sixteen members of Warrior Fit were registered for Wave 1, and with all of us decked out in new team t-shirts for the first time (Cheers Scott! 😎), the team looked hard as nails on the way down to the starting pen.

The start line felt like a return to something special. Seeing the whole Warrior Fit squad lined up beside Race Fitness was being back beside good friends again.

The course was the usual favourites from last year, with a couple of new additions thrown in (or did I just not remember them last time), The Shocker, an electrified challenge was definitely new – and not as painful as I thought it’d be. Managed to come out the other end with just a couple of zaps to the legs.

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Total Warrior Edinburgh 2017: Infographic

This year’s finish line results set was marginally more male than last year’s, with 56% of finishers being male, compared to 53% in 2016.

Under 40’s again dominated the field, with 67% of the finishers being in this category.

The race itself was much faster than last year’s. The average males finish was around 6 minutes faster this year, and the average female a massive 9 minutes quicker on average.

Splitting out the top 25 finishers across this year and last, the speed difference becomes a bit clearer.

Go fast!

Total Warrior 2017: Comparison to 2016

Comparing 2016 to 2017, by top 25 finish times

The finish times are fairly well diverged, with some convergence around position 9 and 16. The green line is my time from this year – I bucked the trend and put in an almost identical time (about 40 seconds quicker than last year, effectively slower in real terms), so there’s a relatively constant time for comparison.

Last year, I finished in 12th position. This year, after taking 40 or so seconds off my time, I dropped to 23rd! That says a lot about how quick some of the front runners were. 👏Craig Brighton👏, retained his winning position, taking 4 minutes and 13 seconds off his time from 2016. Last year’s first female finished in 59:22, while this year, 👏Nicola Duncan👏 won the female category in 53 minutes 41 seconds (then returned on Sunday to smash the Ultra Warrior and take 1st place again! 👏👏👏)

Race Fitness took the fastest team trophy, with their four fastest team members finishing in 53 minutes 41 seconds. Warrior Fit took second, being the only other team to place four team members under 1 hour!

Finish line breakdown

Total Warrior 2017: Gender buckets with me

Finish line breakdown with gender split out

Like last year, there was a strong front-loading of male finishers, with some powerful performances from females in the quickest spots. It takes until around the 2-hour mark before females begin to outnumber males crossing the finish line. The peak time for finishing is 2:15-2:20, with 186 finishers claiming a time within that range.

Splitting the finish times and categories out further, we can start to see the ranges of finish times per category and just how close the fastest males & females in the Under 40 & 40-49 categories are.

Total Warrior 2017: Finish line spread

Finish line breakdown with category split out

The Male Under 40 category has the largest variance between first and last to cross the line. From the winner taking just over 45 minutes, to the last recorded time in the category at just under 5 hours 15 minutes, the variance spans almost 4 and a half hours. Males Under 40 are also the largest category (861), so perhaps not surprising that the finish time range is so large.

The biggest variance difference between categories is the 40-49 category. The male range was almost 4 hours and 25 minutes, while females kept the range down to about 2 hours 23 minutes.

Race Data

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